Hallie, Hither & Gone


By Nigel McParr
von_souppe @ hotmail . com
Copyright 2010 by Nigel McParr, all rights reserved.



           On a rainy Friday morning, Hallie Wilson was sitting in the furthest corner of the company cafeteria with her hands wrapped around a steaming mug of coffee. She was a pretty girl with short-cut blonde hair framing a fine-boned oval face and large wide-set eyes the color of August sky. Her slender shape was hidden in mom jeans and a purple hoodie.

She stared through the expanse of glass cafeteria wall at the lush wet lawn and flowerbeds and wondered what the hell was going on. Her love life had gone south. That was bad enough. Then last night right before she had turned off her customer service computer for the day, her boss had e-mailed her, saying she wanted to meet with her in the cafeteria. Why did Miss Evans want to see down her here? They had always met before in her cubicle or in Miss Evan’s office. In the short time she’d been with the company, Miss Evans had become her confidante, friend, and booster of her sagging confidence.

Something in Miss Evans’ e-mail gnawed at her and she didn’t know what. The other girls in her department had said turnover was high, which was true. Girls came and went. She recalled Miss Evans had hired her six months ago without the requisite qualifications. Miss Evans said she needed a girl right now and she would train her. She made good on her promise. Miss Evans spent hours bent over Hallie and her computer, showing her how to handle and process a myriad of customer queries. That surprised Hallie. Her boss was as patient as Job and she had no idea why.

When Miss Evans entered the cafeteria, Hallie watched in envy and awe as her boss made her way through the maze of tables that separated them. Her spiked heels clicked on the hard stone tiles. She was like encapsulated in her own aura, an invisible sphere of utter self-confidence. She didn’t seem to mind, in fact, Hallie thought she enjoyed the attention she drew. She was a stunningly attractive woman and one of the company’s most aggressive managers. Few in the firm would take on Quinn Evans mano-a-mano.

Being Friday casual, she had eschewed her usual fashionista silk dress and glam heels for indigo designer jeans and a crisp white blouse with the collar up and enough buttons undone to flash her spectacular cleavage. Beneath her blouse, she had on a soft half-cup bra that did little to support her tantalizingly pillowy bosom. Her breasts and cleavage spilled over her bra and changed direction with every step she took. Hallie loved the perfect fit of her jeans over her flat belly, generous hips, and backside. She was sure every male in the company dreamed of fucking that backside. However, Miss Evans was nobody’s fool. She left no doubt the unwashed male masses would never get their collective cock into her front or her backside. She was the queen and completely in charge, which was why Hallie lived in mortal fear of her and worshipped her right down to her toenails. Hallie sucked in her breath at the unexpected heat wave surging upward from her belly.

N-o-o-o-o, please don’t. Don’t let me have this thing for my boss! Right, girl. Just look at her. She’s drop dead gorgeous; forever  legs, chestnut hair below her shoulders, H or bigger bra mega-times bigger than mine, not to mention  those dark smoldering eyes, long lashes, and a mouth that looks like it’s been Botoxed  but hasn’t. Shut up and admit it. You want to kiss that mouth…

The realization numbed her. She’d never had a thing for another girl - not even in college. She shoved aside that awful insight as her boss pulled up a chair and sat down beside her. Miss Evans’ smile heated up the blush spreading over her face. To add to her embarrassment, Hallie found she could not help looking into the ballooning vee of Miss Evan’s blouse as she sat.

“You needn’t blush like that, Hallie. I’m pleased you like them. I find it terribly flattering and I would be disappointed if you did not. You may not know this, but I have grown to like you - a lot. One day soon, we’ll go out together, just you and I.” She put her hand on Hallie’s arm. “Look at me, young lady – look right into my eyes. For the moment, I want you to think of me as your big sister. You needn’t be frightened. I’m not going to fire you. That’s not why I asked you to meet me down here. I asked you here because I wanted a safe place to find out why you are so unhappy.”

Hallie let out her breath in a long sigh. She was compelled to kiss that gorgeous mouth and hoped Miss Evans didn’t pick up on it. Her hands were shaking so bad, she had to tighten them around her coffee mug. “Can I trust you, Miss Evans? Will you be angry with me-?”

“I’ll be angry with you if you don’t tell me the truth. You must trust me. I’m in a position to help you. Now, out with it, girl.”  

Hallie leaned to her boss. “All right, then. The job is going well. I really like it. It’s not that. It’s my personal…my love life…if you can call it that. Every guy I date has the same goal: objectify me, worm their freakin’ hands into my panties and bra. They’re all on the same page; slam-bam, thank you, ma’am.” Tears danced in Hallie’s eyes.  “I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you my A-cup boobs don’t help matters. I feel so inferior. Men are animals and my boobs are too small. Can I tell you something?”

“Of course.”

“I’m green with envy. I mean just look at you. They are…phenomenal.”

Quinn Evans looked pleased, but said nothing. This one is ready. Tonight - I drop the hammer. A shiver of excitement coursed through her, hardening her nipples.

“Big tits and sex, that’s all they want,” Hallie continued. “One guy actually suggested I get my breasts enlarged. He said I was pretty and sexy, but bigger tits would make me more attractive. Can you imagine? How would I pay for implants on my salary? Besides, I don’t even like the idea of implants.” She was speaking in a torrent now. She had to pause to catch her breath. “You’re…you’re so voluptuous! How I wish I were built like you.”

  Quinn listened with an understanding expression that revealed nothing of her real feelings. She reminded herself of her duty to Mrs. Kirsch as she slipped her hand into Hallie’s. “Hallie, I won’t deny it. Big boobs are wonderful. Some of us are born with them and some are not.” She shrugged. It’s the luck of the draw. However, I have a solution that won’t cost you a cent. It’s what I did.”

Hallie rolled her eyes. Oh, please, Miss Evans, you are not suggesting one of those dorky bust developer things are you. You can still find them on the Internet. And then there are those space age creams that positively add inches!”

For the first time in weeks, she laughed. She didn’t catch the subtle change in the set of her boss’ mouth nor the way she took her in when she opened her mouth and threw back her head to reveal the sinuous line of her throat.

“Please tell me it’s not one of those gizmos.”

            “Not even close. It is not a matter of does it work, but a matter of will my friend take you. That’s all I can say for now. I have to make a phone call. Understand if she does accept you, you might end up bigger than me. It’s difficult to predict. You’ll have to accept whatever happens.”

            Hallie studied the straining outlines of Miss Evans’ stunning breasts and cleavage with renewed interest. Her ability to rationalize disappeared as she thought of having boobs that big or maybe even bigger “So, you…you…actually had it done?

            Her boss looked her in the eye. “I did.”

            Hallie’s hand went to her mouth. “Omigod! That’s good enough for me. I’ll do it…I swear I’ll do it!”


It was still raining that Friday night. The evening sky was an ebony overcast, shot through with dazzling flashes of lightening. The carnival lights stood out like beacons against the blue-black scud. Hallie wondered what she was getting into when she got out of Miss Evans’ car and she took her firmly by the arm. Hallie caught herself second-guessing her decision to allow Miss Evans to bring her here.

Initially, it had made sense; perhaps it was the right thing to do. Now it all seemed so inane and frightening. It was actually going to happen or so Miss Evans said. The prospect of her being right sent a hard shiver of anticipation through Hallie. As scared as she was, she found a measure of comfort in her boss’ strength and the warmth of her hand pressed into her breast as she led her through the crowd. They walked past the midway to a faded unmarked tent on the edge of the grounds. She really wasn’t sure she wanted to do this. She didn’t believe it was possible, but then there was still the question what if Miss Evans was right?

The prospect of altering her body terrified her. Nevertheless, when it came down to it, she knew she’d go through with it. Miss Evans had taken charge and she wanted to do this for her. She’d simply have to trust and obey her boss. Miss Evans paused at the entrance to the tent. She kissed Hallie fully on her mouth with a sensuality that even in Hallie’s state of mental disarray hit her like a freight train. Miss Evans whispered a few words of encouragement that went right over Hallie’s head.

The electrifying crush of Miss Evans’ lips, the silvery brush of her tongue, and the lilting sounds of a Strauss waltz emanating from the merry-go-round brought Hallie back into the moment. She was no longer afraid. Stunned into submission, Miss Evans’ voice cut through the music, compelling Hallie to go inside the tent.

She heard a whisper, “I love you, Hallie. Trust me. Go to Madame Lafarge.”

Hallie pulled back the rain-dampened flap and stepped into the shadowy interior of the tent. She glanced back and caught a glimpse of Miss Evans’ enigmatic smile before she turned away and disappeared into the crowd.  

A single candle illuminated the tent. A small dusky-skinned woman with a bandanna tied around her head sat behind a battered desk. She gazed at Hallie with dark wide-set eyes. The woman’s breasts stunned Hallie. They were much larger than the rest of her. From the loosened top of her wash-worn blouse, her breasts rose in expansive arcs. They rose and fell with her breathing. Compared to this woman, Hallie felt like a flat-chested ‘tween. Unsure of what to do, she waited.

“Madame Lafarge?”

The woman nodded.

Hallie finally summoned the courage to say, “My name is Hallie - Hallie Wilson. I’m here to-”

The older woman cut off her off with an annoyed wave of her hand. “I know who you are, child. Come into the light where I can see you. I’m not going to bite you.”

Hallie walked slowly to the chair beside the woman’s desk. When Hallie sat, Madame Lafarge took her hand and held it between hers. Her hands were surprisingly warm and nurturing. Her hold calmed her and slowed her racing pulse. She felt her fear beginning to slip away.

“So, Hallie, you’ve come as you were bidden.” Madame Lafarge’s voice was a soft rustle. It reminded Hallie of wind passing through pines. “You are even prettier and more petite than I expected. Miss Evans has chosen well.” Hallie tried to avert the older woman’s intense gaze. “Are you ready, child? You know there is no going back.”

Hallie had no idea if she was ready or not, but she knew one thing: Miss Evans had ordered this and she would not go against her. She blinked and whispered, “I’m ready, Madame Lafarge.”         

            The gypsy pushed away from the desk. “Stand here in front of me. Take off your blouse and your bra.”

In the soft flickering candlelight, Hallie’s diminutive breasts gleamed like sculpted bronze. Her breasts were only inches from the seated woman’s face. Though it was warm in the tent, she felt an involuntary chill run through her body. The chill hardened her nipples and made them stand out so that they hurt. As if she were blessing Hallie’s breasts, Madame Lafarge gently kissed each nipple. She took a small tin from her desk, opened it, and anointed each of Hallie’s breasts with a sweet smelling unguent. She kissed the tips of her breasts again while she ran her hands from Hallie’s jeaned hips up to her slender waist and then over her breasts.

“Mon Dieu, my precious, you remind me of the dolls I had when I was a child. I rarely see such a lovely and petite shape. You have the breasts of a twelve year old. I can change that. Press your hands into the sides of my bosom and close your eyes.”

Hallie dutifully placed her hands on the expansive girth of Madame Lafarge’s breasts and shut her eyes. The warmth and pillowy softness of the older woman’s breasts sent a rushing wave of eroticism over her. She swayed so Madame Lafarge had to steady her. The wind came up and it began to rain harder. The downpour beat a steady tattoo on the tent roof. As the thrum of the rain and the flapping of the tent canvas faded from her hearing, a subtle change spread through Hallie, engulfing her. She felt the ancient enchantment, had no idea what it was. She could hear Madame Lafarge’s chanted dirge blending with the rhythm of the falling rain. It was hard to distinguish her voice from the rain and the wind. She was barely conscious of Madame’s hands kneading more unguent into her breasts and the searing waves of heat radiating from the old woman’s fingertips into her breasts, filling them and hardening her nipples until she thought they were going to burst...


Hallie slept through Saturday and into Sunday morning. When she opened her eyes to bright sunlight on Sunday morning, she was unable to recall what had happened Friday night. She had no idea how she got home. Nor did she remember Miss Evans’ order to call her on Saturday.  All she remembered was that kiss outside the tent and the effect it had on her.

She was on her back when she woke up. A flowered sheet covered her naked body. Looking at the foot of the bed and the doorway beyond, she realized her normal view of the doorway was drastically altered. Her view was blocked by an abrupt rise in the sheet. Throwing back the sheet, she gasped in amazement. Her pert breasts were gone. They had filled out and grown so large they lay splayed across her chest like a pair of water-filled balloons. Her breast flesh was taut and tender to the touch. She could feel the heat radiating from her nipples, which were thick and hard now and painfully erect. She suddenly realized she was even bigger than the new mom down the hall, who was nursing twins. Unaccustomed to the weight hanging from her chest, she struggled out of bed and went to her mirror.

Her slender torso hadn’t changed, but much of it was hidden now behind the fleshy expanse of her breasts, which had morphed into swollen hemispheres. She could no longer see her nipples, which until now had pointed out and away from her chest. The sheer weight of her new bosom had angled them downward so that they now hung suspended at her navel. Her toes had disappeared beneath the overhang of her breasts. The only way to see her feet was to part her breasts. Turning sideways, she saw she had acquired the pear-shaped profile of her grandmother, a woman who never wore a bra and wet-nursed until she was fifty. She took some consolation from the assumption she now must look like Miss Evans when she was braless. 

Her areolas had darkened, thickened, and nearly doubled in diameter. Her nipples were so thick and prominent she doubted a bra would hide them, which made her wonder what her new bra size was.

Even though my boobs say otherwise, I know I am not pregnant. However, I look and feel like I could nurse triplets! Miss Evans, what have you done?

She put on a robe and fetched the newspaper from the hallway. She was shocked to see it was Sunday. Then she remembered she was to call Miss Evans! That would wait until she’d taken a long steamy shower to clear the cobwebs.

As she stepped into the shower, she slipped and caught herself. Her loss of balance reminded her she was not accustomed to the weight and motion of her new breasts. As she toweled herself dry, she took another look at herself. She had to admit she was beginning to like this new profile. She had always wanted to be bigger. Well, now she was though she’d never really wanted to be this big. The guys could no longer tease her about her bra size. How would she look in a blouse with the tails knotted beneath her breasts or in a low cut wrap around sundress with cleavage down to here? Miss Evans had taken her to a place she could not have imagined.


Continued in Part Two





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