Hallie, Hither & Gone - Part 2


By Nigel McParr
von_souppe @ hotmail . com
Copyright 2010 by Nigel McParr, all rights reserved.



Hallie put on her jeans and the biggest sweatshirt she could find. Every jiggle of her new breasts was visible as were her nipples, which stubbornly refused to recede. She began to think they might be permanently erect. The awareness of what had happened slowly filtered into her psyche. The dawning realization made her shake as she sipped tea and nibbled on a slice of wheat toast.

“What am I going to do, Homer” she whispered to her tomcat, who’d gotten out of his bed and was rubbing against her jeans. “Omigod! I have to go to work tomorrow morning…” 

She had to call Miss Evans, but the prospect of facing her boss in her altered state terrified her. She got busy and cleaned the kitchen. While at the sink washing the breakfast dishes, her arms set her breasts into vigorous motion, sensations she’d never experienced before. Her nipples teased the nap of her sweatshirt. Then, with no warning, the first unmistakable tingling liquid warmth seeped into her sweatshirt, startling her. She nearly screamed. Miss Evans had said nothing about milk! Looking down at the spreading wetness, she bent over the sink and began to sob. Now she had to call her boss.

Miss Evans didn’t answer her phone. Hallie whispered, “Miss Evans...please pick up. I did everything you asked. I don’t understand. What is happening to me?” 

Moments later, Miss Evans called back. Her voice was laced with anger. She was furious; demanding to know why hadn’t Hallie called earlier? Hallie was taken aback. Her experience, her new breasts, and Miss Evans’ voice merged into a roaring cacophony that put Hallie at a loss for words. She made herself listen and nod while Miss Evans stirred her into a pot of obedient mush.


Hallie plaited her blonde hair into pigtails and put on a dry sweatshirt. She had no bra, no way to minimize or disguise her unsupported breasts. She considered asking Helen down the hall if she could help with a bra, but rejected the idea out of sheer embarrassment. Besides, Helen probably didn’t have a nursing bra that would fit her. She had no choice. She would have to go braless. To hide the seepage, she taped gauze pads over her nipples, which didn’t help much, but at least it was something.

An hour later, she was at her boss’ apartment. Miss Evans opened her door dressed in jeans, slippers, and a cotton polo shirt. Her chestnut hair flowed in shimmering waves over her shoulders. At least, Hallie thought, she’s not wearing a bra either. It helped take the spotlight off her own boobs. Miss Evans did not even glance at Hallie’s new breasts. She led her to the sofa and sat down beside her.

            “I-I’m really sorry, Miss Evans. I should have called earlier. I mean honestly I didn’t wake up until this morning. I was in a stupor. I feel like a moron.”

 “As you should, Hallie. It was naughty of you not to call. What you need right now is a good spanking. You seem to have forgotten who’s in charge.”

After all that had happened, Miss Evans’ authoritative tone surprised Hallie. Not sure of what to do, she lowered her eyes. “I know it’s not an excuse,” she whispered. “But well…I’m really overwhelmed right now, struggling with…the change.” She glanced down at her breasts. “It’s frightening. I had no idea. I didn’t know I would have milk. I’m leaking like a sieve”

            Miss Evans shrugged. “I told you Madame Lafarge could not predict the outcome. Some of us lactate. My milk didn’t come in. If it had, I would have dealt with it. Is that why you didn’t call?”

Hallie hesitated. “Well, yes…plus I was too shocked, too embarrassed. I mean look at me. I’m not pregnant. How can this be? I didn’t think-”

“Be still! You didn’t think - you shouldn’t think. From this moment on, Hallie Wilson, you will do exactly as I tell you. Sometimes, you amaze me with your lack of insight. Frankly put, your stubbornness and your stupidity are showing.” Hallie’s eyes filled with tears. Her new breasts shook with her sobs. Miss Evans studied her charge with thinly disguised amusement and satisfaction. Right where I want her. “You might as well get used to being a milk maid. There’s no going back.”

Hallie lowered her head and began to sob. Tears splashed onto her jeans. She was finally able to stop crying and lift her tear-stained face. “I was so scared when you left me with Madam Lafarge. I didn’t know…I wanted you there beside me…I dreamed about you after it was over.” Tears brimmed as she lifted her breasts off her lap. “Look at me. I am different now.”

 Though she didn’t show it, Miss Evans could not have been more pleased. Hallie’s acquiescence and her early signs of acceptance warmed and excited her. She’s like the others before her - on a one-way journey. She looked hard at Hallie.

 “I’ve already explained why I couldn’t be there. Madame Lafarge doesn’t allow it. I had to go through it alone, too. The gypsy worked her magic. You should be happy with the outcome. I certainly am.”

She glanced down at Hallie. Her breasts were so big even her tent-like top could not prevent them from spilling onto her denim thighs. She couldn’t wait to get to her lips around those big nipples. The girl was a nursemaid, right where she belonged. “You have a wonderful future ahead of you. Mrs. Kirsch will be pleased.”

Hallie looked puzzled. “I don’t understand.”

“Never mind. Just do as you’re told.”

Can you tell me more?”

“No, I can’t.”

“What about my milk? I feel like a cow.”

Miss Evans laughed. “You are a cow, a milker. “Madame Lafarge thought your milk just might come in. It will be put to good use.”

Hallie’s fright was replaced with dizzying confusion. “I can’t go to work like this. What about my job?”

“Trust me, Hallie Wilson. I’ve taken care of that. You are on leave of absence. It wasn’t much of a job anyway. You have a more important role now.”

“I d-don’t understand.”

“Of course you don’t. You have begun a new life. You have much to learn.”

Hallie looked expectantly at her boss. “A new life…?”

“Never mind. One more word and I’ll turn you over my knee. Now, show me what Madame Lafarge has wrought or I’ll rip that sweatshirt off your back.”

Hallie allowed herself a small inward smile. She was still embarrassed over her huge breasts, but if Miss Evans wanted to see them, wasn’t that a good sign? She prayed her boss would approve what Madame Lafarge had done to her. Turning to her, she nervously pulled up the front of her sweatshirt. Seeing her mountainous breasts, Miss Evans gasped. Her reaction sent a thrill through Hallie.

“Migod, they’re as big as Madame Lafarge’s melon-tits. Look at you.”

Hallie glanced down at her new breasts. Their pale taut flesh began high on her chest then descended in massive swollen arcs to completely cover her lap. Her areolas seemed even darker and her nipples thicker and longer than she recalled while in the shower. They were nearly a half-inch long.

“Stunning, Hallie. Madame Lafarge has outdone herself. Mrs. Kirsch will be very pleased.” Miss Evans clapped her hands in delight. “Look at the size of those nipples. Madame Lafarge has turned you into a wet nurse, a nursemaid.”

“I-I don’t know about that,” Hallie said. “I’ve never nursed…”  

Miss Evans ignored her questioning look. “Goddamn, Hallie, the gypsy’s worked

another miracle. Your tits are mountainous. Your nipples are…spectacular.”

Hallie laughed nervously. “Would that be a compliment?”

“Slide over here and find out. I want to see for myself.”

When Miss Evans’ fingers touched her breasts, Hallie reacted with a soft moan and a palpable shiver. Her breasts had never been this sensitive, not even during her periods. Miss Evans’ fingers and nails begat luscious waves of excitement that cascaded deep into her chest. She giggled nervously as Miss Evans inclined her head to her nipples, which were dripping now onto her jeans and glossing her breasts with a milky sheen. When Miss Evans took a nipple into her mouth and teased it with her tongue, Hallie felt her milk let down and began to flow. Now she understood why Helen always closed her eyes when she nursed her twins. Her breasts and nipples had never given her this much pleasure. Miss Evans suckling ignited an inferno whose flames licked out from her sex and thighs. She was already on the edge of an orgasm.          

“Miss Evans…I never thought nursing could be…so…like this. My mom…Helen… never told me.”

Miss Evans didn’t respond except to push her hand into the apex of Hallie’s jeans. Hallie began to work her thighs and hips into the motions of Miss Evans’ fingers while she pressed Miss Evans’ mouth into the resilience of her breasts. No woman had ever touched her before. Everything she was experiencing was exciting and new. Nursing brought its own unexpected blessings. Through the shroud of her erotic haze she realized her ‘tween boobs were gone, her life had turned upside down, and she no longer cared. There was no way back and she was loving it. Blessings on you, Madame Lafarge.

A second later, a seismic wave rippled through her. She cried out as she peaked and was buried in a sea of pleasure and gratification. Miss Evans looked up at her then. Her lips shone wetly with Hallie’s milk.

“You are s-o-o yummy, Hallie.  Mrs. Kirsch has always said nursing becomes a woman. Now I believe it. You’ve been transformed. You have no idea how sweet and satisfied you look not to mention your abundance of milk. Your new mistress will be delighted.”

“Miss Evans, please…who is this woman Mrs. Kirsch?”

“Ask me one more time and I’m going to get my hairbrush.” She took Hallie into the bedroom. The bed was unmade. “Undress and get into bed.”

            “Miss Evans? I’ve… never done that!”

            Her boss went to her dressing table and picked up a large hairbrush. She folded her arms over her chest. “Are you going to do as I say or must I redden your backside?”

            Scarlet-faced, Hallie reluctantly took off her clothes. Her head was spinning as she slid between the sheets. She lay quietly on her back and watched Miss Evans undress. God, she has a body. When she slid into bed beside her, Hallie closed her eyes and prayed for submission. Miss Evans gently kissed her on her mouth and then got on her knees between her thighs. Hallie stared up wide-eyed at her captor while Miss Evans looked down at her with a prim smile. Traces of milk still rimmed her mouth.

“You are a succulent morsel, Hallie Wilson. You really need a damn good spanking, but that’s no matter for now. Mrs. Kirsch will punish you soon enough. You didn’t have a clue why I hired you and you still don’t. That in itself is so delicious - nearly enough to make me come. I’ve wanted to fuck you since your first day in the company. Mrs. Kirsch made me wait. It’s how she wants me to handle things.”

She lifted Hallie’s thighs. “Hold them high, pressed into your tits,” she ordered as she lowered her head. “Jee-zuz, your pussy is huge - like two buttered dinner rolls. Reminds me of Daisy, one of Mrs. Kirsch's maids - all shortbread, peaches and cream.”

When Miss Evans dropped her head between Hallie’s elevated thighs, the warm draft of her breath played over her aching sex. The backs of Miss Evans’ fingers grazed her thighs and brushed the swollen lips of her sex. She was quivering with anticipation even before Miss Evans entered her. She gasped when Miss Evans slipped one finger and then another into her and began to play, hardening and erecting her clit.

“O-o-o-g-h, Miss Evans,” she whispered.

Stimulated by Miss Evans’ foreplay, milk began to seep from her breasts. Miss Evans glanced up at her and smiled. She placed her hands on Hallie’s hips, opened her mouth wide, and began to draw the slippery folds of Hallie’s’ pussy into her mouth. Unable to control herself, Hallie surrendered and let Miss Evans edge her to the brink.

Hallie’s boss opened her mouth wide, slipped her serpentine tongue deep into Hallie. Hallie responded, eagerly lifting her hips to her mistress. She began to writhe and pump her hips. She moaned as she clutched at Miss Evans’ chestnut hair, pulling her hard into her cleft pussy. Miss Evans’ tongue burrowed deep, filling Hallie, electrifying her inflamed clit. Her screams of rapture filled the bedroom. Miss Evans kept her face buried between Hallie’s slick thighs, while her hands went from Hallie’s hips to her over-ripe breasts. With her fingernails, she prodded and teased the milk from Hallie’s painfully erect nipples, lifting her to a new level of ecstasy.

In the brightness of a moment that Hallie would never forget, Miss Evans coaxed Hallie into the most intense orgasm she had ever known. Her fright and concern for the future disappeared as Miss Evans skyrocketed her into the cosmos.


When Hallie returned to earth, she found herself between Miss Evans legs. She had no idea how she go there. Her lips and cheeks were glistening. She licked her lips and could still taste the intimate essence of Miss Evans. Had she…? 

Omigod…I must have…I actually did it…I never thought…

Miss Evans’ voice brought her back. “Lower those milk machines, sweetie.”

She looked down into her captor’s eyes and saw nothing but love and desire. Her open mouth beckoned. She gently lowered her heavy breasts and dripping distended nipples to Miss Evans. Her boss began to suckle as quickly as Hallie delivered her breasts.

Hallie’s milk filled Quinn Evans’ mouth and flowed easily down her throat. Hallie’s nursemaid sweetness and warmth fueled her arousal. Without having to touch herself, Hallie brought her to her umpteenth orgasm. Mrs. Kirsch had introduced her to the practicality and the sheer pleasure to be derived from nursing and breast milk. Nursing was a natural and wonderfully arousing experience. She closed her eyes and suckled while she envisioned poor Hallie and her great dripping boobs under Mrs. Kirsch’s management. God, wouldn’t she love to be there when the old-fashioned matron got out her strap?


Afterwards, Miss Evans held Hallie into her arms and kissed her wet face. She whispered, “Hallie, I know this is your first time with a girl. I will tell you that you did very well. I want to see you continue to respond like that.”

            “Miss Evans, is this a dream? If I pinch myself, will I wake up in my own bed?”

Quinn Evans laughed. “I’m afraid not, Hallie. You don’t know it yet, but you have just begun a new life.”

Hallie still hadn’t a clue. New life…? What did that mean? Out of the blue, she said, “Would you loan me a bra? I mean, I can’t go out like this-”

Miss Evans’ eyes widened and darkened. “You don’t get it, Hallie. Mrs. Kirsch does not allow her milkmaids to wear a bra. What would be the point of that? She didn’t arrange your alteration so you could wear a bigger bra!” Hallie’s eyes clouded over. Well, why had she then? Her boss had always been dominant and pushy, but now she was treating her as if she were a child. “You’re not leaving this apartment until I say so. There will be no more talk about bras.”

            Still locked in Miss Evans’ arms, Hallie broke down. Her body shook as she sobbed out her confused remorse. What had she done?

            Miss Evans released her and got out of bed. She grabbed Hallie’s arm. “Get out of that bed. Mrs. Kirsch wants me to wait, but I’ve changed my mind. What you need is a damn good spanking!”

            Hallie was incredulous. “M-Miss Evans, I-I’m not a little girl. P-Please don’t…”

            Miss Evans sat on the edge of the bed. She ordered Hallie to fetch her hairbrush from the bureau. The size and weight of the gleaming maple hairbrush were enough to frighten Hallie. She was shaking as Miss Evans arranged her over her lap and the bed. Miss Evans briskly spanked Hallie for a couple of minutes, applying the big hairbrush to every part of Hallie’s bottom cheeks and thighs. The spanking shocked and embarrassed Hallie. Her mother hadn’t spanked her since she was in grade school. Nevertheless, something inside warned her she shouldn’t protest. She allowed herself to go limp on her mistress’ lap. She couldn’t stop the feeling of helplessness that washed over her. She felt like she was a little girl again, laying across her mother’s lap.

Miss Evans didn’t stop the spanking until every inch of Hallie’s seat and the backs of her upper thighs had bloomed bright scarlet. The bed sheet was wet with her milk when Miss Evans finally let off her lap.

            “That’s just a preliminary, sweetie. A warm-up to what you can expect when Mrs. Kirsch gets her hands on you. She uses a whip and strap on her girls when they don’t listen.”

            “N-N-o-o-o,” Hallie sobbed, holding her head in her hands.

            Miss Evans ignored her outburst. She went to her closet and took out a long indigo denim skirt and a brightly quilted vest. She handed the skirt to Hallie. “Put this on,” she ordered. Hallie looked blankly at her. “There’ll be no panties. Mrs. Kirsch doesn’t want to be bothered with underwear when she needs to whip you. No top, either - just the vest.”

            Miss Evans buttoned and adjusted the skirt at Hallie’s waist, arranging the gathered waist over the spread of her hips. She left Hallie’s vest open to expose her new breasts. Unsupported, they swung in great arcs at the waistband of her skirt. She put leather strap sandals on Hallie’s feet, and then stood back with her hands on her hips. She surveyed Hallie with a critical eye. “Perfect,” she murmured. “The pigtails are a nice touch.”

            Miss Evans put on panties, a long tailored khaki skirt, boots, and a soft scarlet silk top. She did not put on a bra. The vision of Miss Evans in her new costume excited Hallie and brought her to tears. She was seeing a side of Miss Evans she’d not known before. She was devastatingly haughty and beautiful. Her chestnut hair cascaded in shimmering waves down her back. Her breasts moved magnificently beneath the silk of her blouse.

“We never wear jeans and we always wear long skirts where we’re going. It would be a dishonor to Mrs. Kirsch to do otherwise.”  She glanced at her watch. “I’m taking you deep into the countryside to a sumptuous estate where your new mistress awaits. She knows all about you and is very anxious to meet you.”

“Can I ask how long I’ll stay…?”

Miss Evans shrugged. “Who knows? That’s up to Mrs. Kirsch. She likes long stays. The firm will just have to get along without you for awhile.” Hallie sensed Miss Evans had already dismissed her and was thinking of the next young woman she’d hire. “Hallie child, don’t you worry. You’ll be well taken care of.”


            Miss Evans drove her car. She said little during the drive. Hallie sat next to her and for the most part was silent herself. She was lost in thought about what lay ahead. Every time she looked down at her bare breasts, she blushed. It didn’t help that Miss Evans kept fondling them and teasing her wet nipples with her nails until they stung. Miss Evans finally stopped the car in a small town. She ran into a drug store and purchased a breast pump. Hallie was immensely grateful for the relief.

The trip took hours and hours. Hallie tried to keep track of the route as they went from road to road, but she finally gave up. There were just too many turns. She had no idea where they were. The sun was rimming the horizon when Miss Evans suddenly hit the brakes and swung the car off a two-lane country road onto an unmarked grassy dirt track screened by thick stands of hardwoods. She drove several more miles through rolling wooded country until she came to a wrought iron gate and tiny stone shelter nearly hidden by thick cedars, honeysuckle, and bushy overgrowth. She turned into the gate way and parked.

“We’re here, Hallie. Welcome to your new home.”

Miss Evans pointed through the windshield. Backlit by the golden cloud-streaked western sky, Hallie saw the rusted iron arch above the gate. The words Hither & Gone were fixed to the iron arch. What an odd name, Hallie thought to herself. It sounded like a nursery rhyme.

“Years ago, Mrs. Kirsch, bought this property. She has thousands of acres. A hundred or so acres are high-fenced and quite secure. Since acquiring the property, she’s developed it into what she calls a place of retreat and quiet reflection.” 

In the angled sunlight, Halley could just make out the tall spiked iron fencing that ran both ways from the gate. It may be secure from the outside, Hallie thought, but once I’m inside there is no way out. She glanced nervously at Miss Evans and then for the thousandth time down at her exposed breasts.

“It’ll take a minute for the gate mistress. Will you stop looking at your boobs? You’re nothing here but another grain of sand in Mrs. Kirsch’s sand box.” 

A silent awkward moment passed before a buxom young woman in coiled braids and a denim skirt and vest identical to Hallie’s emerged from the gatehouse. Hallie noted her breasts and nipples were slightly smaller than hers. She seemed unaware of their jiggle and sway as she approached the car. Well, Hallie thought, she’s not lactating. The young woman waved gaily and smiled when she recognized Miss Evans.

When Miss Evans powered down her window, Hallie heard the twitter of birds and the far-off deep-chested bark of a dog. The girl leaned down to the open car window. In a respectful tone, she said, “Welcome back, Miss Evans. My goodness, we’ve missed you.”

“Thank, you, Emily. It’s always nice to be back.”

“Are you going to be with us long?”

“No, I’m likely going back tonight.” She nodded at Hallie. “I have to deliver this one to Mrs. Kirsch.”

            The gatekeeper nodded and cast an appraising eye at Hallie, but said nothing to her. “I’ve just spoken with the Mistress. She’s expecting you. Go right on in, Ma’am.” The girl pressed a button on a hand-held remote. The gate squealed and slowly creaked open.


Continued in Part Three





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